How it works

No Apps required

No more time wasted on downloading apps. Send a link from your computer and connect to a smartphone anywhere – instantly.

High-res photos

No matter the connection quality.

Call Center process integration

We support all functionalities needed for a call center. We can integrate it into your ticketing system or let it function as a stand alone call center.

Don’t work for your customers. Work with them.

Let us help You

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A Tool, not a System

Integrate our tool into different solutions and channels

Use Aestimo stand-alone platform or integrate our solution into existing services to efficiently communicate with your customers on different channels.

Data Security

Security and data privacy are of great importance to us. By complying to the GDPR guidelines, 2-factor authentication, encryption as well as our precise role and authorization concepts, you are on the safe side regarding data protection and security standards.

You would like to host internally? No problem.


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