Supporting Flood Victims

Free 1-Month Aestimo Remote Damage Assessment

It’s with heartfelt compassion that we have been witnessing the profound impact of the recent natural disasters that have inflicted unimaginable suffering and extensive damage upon homes and infrastructure across Slovenia. Most notably, these calamities have abruptly swept away the lives that many had spent decades building.

Our desire is to actively contribute to the recovery process by providing support and streamlining the damage assessment procedure. To this end, we extend an offer of free access to Aestimo, our cutting-edge tool for remote damage assessment, to insurance companies for a duration of one month. Our primary goal is to empower you to swiftly focus on aiding and supporting those who are in dire need during these trying times.

Through Aestimo, appraisers can securely connect with their insured customers via simple video calls on their mobile phones, without the need for an app, and gather the necessary information remotely for the damage assessment process. By embracing this tool, insurance companies already in partnership with us have successfully amplified their appraisal capacity by over sixfold within the same time frame, conducting assessments without geographic limitations.

Should you require further insights about Aestimo, we stand ready and willing to assist. You can contact us via email at:  or by dialing our phone number:  +49 89 6146 7828.

Together, let’s take a stride forward and extend our assistance to those who presently need it the most.

How it works

No Apps required

No more time wasted on downloading apps. Send a link from your computer and connect to a smartphone anywhere – instantly.

High-res photos

No matter the connection quality.

Call Center process integration

We support all functionalities needed for a call center. We can integrate it into your ticketing system or let it function as a stand alone call center.

What makes Aestimo stand out

PixelPerfect Snap

Say goodbye to blurry screenshots of compressed video during assessments. With Aestimo’s Pixel Perfect Snap technology, you can capture high-resolution photographs directly from your phone’s sensor without any degradation in details. Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, every photo taken within Aestimo is transmitted instantly with as many details as possible. No more relying on third-party apps or communication channels that degrade image quality. Aestimo ensures that you start every assessment with a simple click, delivering crystal-clear visual evidence.


Simplify the assessment process with Aestimo’s InstaConnect. Unlike other solutions that require end customers to download and install apps, create accounts and set passwords,, we believe in keeping it effortless. When using Aestimo, your customers receive an SMS with a direct link to Aestimo. With just one click, they are instantly connected to the expert on the other side. No app downloads, no registrations – just a seamless start to a hassle-free assessment experience.


Aestimo’s vision is to provide you with the right tools for a world full of uncertainties. Say hello to ReliableReach, the technology that empowers you to conduct video calls without any interruptions, even in areas with poor internet connectivity. We understand that reception can be unpredictable, but with ReliableReach, your assessments continue smoothly. When the call drops, Aestimo gives your clients multiple reconnection options, ensuring you get the information you need, no matter the circumstances.


Data privacy is paramount, and Aestimo takes it seriously from day 1. With our FortressGuards policy, your clients’ data remains secure and confidential on 5+ different levels. We do not own, process or permanently store any of your client’s sensitive information. Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany. All data transfer is end-to-end encrypted and the video calls happen directly between two devices – no media servers in between. Only the user and the guiding agent in the call have visibility into the data being collected, other users cannot access the data. All sensitive data gets regularly and automatically wiped from the system after the job is completed. Rest assured that your customers’ privacy is protected throughout the assessment process.

SmartMark AR Annotations

Revolutionize the way you conduct assessments with SmartMark AR Annotations. Aestimo introduces augmented reality (AR) markings, enabling real-time visual annotations during video calls. Highlight damages, mark key areas, and collaborate interactively with clients, all while seeing virtual overlays directly on the property or asset. SmartMark AR Annotations empowers appraisers to provide a more comprehensive and visual assessment, ensuring clarity and understanding for both parties.


Aestimo is designed to cater to an international audience. With GlobalTalk, our multilingual support feature, language barriers are a thing of the past. Break free from communication constraints and conduct assessments in your preferred language. Whether you speak English, German, Slovenian, or any other supported language, Aestimo ensures seamless interaction with clients worldwide, boosting customer satisfaction and trust.

Don’t work for your customers. Work with them.

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A Tool, not a System

Integrate our tool into different solutions and channels

Use Aestimo stand-alone platform or integrate our solution into existing services to efficiently communicate with your customers on different channels.

Data Security

Security and data privacy are of great importance to us. By complying to the GDPR guidelines, 2-factor authentication, encryption as well as our precise role and authorization concepts, you are on the safe side regarding data protection and security standards.

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